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Kyrie Irving Wants to Create His Own Self Sustaining Community Because Life is Expensive

Cavs point guard Kyrie Irving has admitted he wants to spend his NBA money on a “self-sustaining community.”

Recently appearing on the Short Story Long podcast, Irving told host Chris Pfaff about his “big aspirations” for the next 20 years saying: “We’re just working on a plan where, ultimately, we can accomplish that on a grander scale of a lot of acres, farmable land, and basically buy that land and start building our own damn community.”

Apparently, Irving already has some unnamed people on board with his vision continuing, “We have some people, but we need more. We’ll find each other in terms of how do you accomplish something like that, that you have a self-sustaining community that ultimately is all together.”

Irving has a pretty simple explanation for the reason he wants to go off the grid and create his own version of paradise: life is just too expensive.…

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